Councillor Reece Byrnes,

Tweed Shire Council, NSW


This remains to be seen. At present Cr Byrnes’ vote could go either way - with the pro-environment, progressive councillors who want sustainable solutions for the shire, or with the pro-development side.

The generally progressive, pro-environment, pro-community councillors are: Cr Katie Milne, Cr Chris Cherry, Cr Ron Cooper.

The generally conservative, pro-development at any cost, Liberal/National party councillors are: Cr Warren Polglase, Cr James Owen, Cr Pryce Allsop.

Since Cr Reece Byrnes is the councillor whose loyalty to either side can radically flip, his votes are critical to a good outcome for our shire (much like his predecessor, Cr Barry Longland). However in the first 6 months of office he is already voting with the pro-development Liberal/National Party councillors and making environmentally-unfriendly decisions. This alarming trend needs to be carefully watched especially after his back-flip on protecting critically endangered koalas at Black Rocks by voting for a men’s shed licence just 20m from core koala habitat (See March 16, 2017).

Stay tuned for monthly updates on his voting record at council.

N.B. Cr Reece Byrnes works as a staffer at Labor Federal Member Justine Elliott’s office. Community Voice worked for his election believing he would form part of a group of 4 progressive councillors so that the conservative, pro-development at any cost faction did not prevail. His predecessor Labor Councillor Michael Armstrong was pro-koala and generally voted for environmentally friendly motions.


Do we have a progressive council 2016-2020?

The purpose of this site is to keep an eye on this Labor councillor’s voting record at Tweed Shire Council, particularly in relation to environmental and controversial issues.

Tweed Shire is a very unique area with more biodiversity than anywhere in NSW that has the highest rate of species loss. Therefore it is critical that we have councillors making decisions that do not drive more biodiversity loss.

Supplemental information is provided on this site for controversial motions of significance (see menu bar).

Cr Reece Byrnes