Anti-Environment and controversial votes of Cr Byrnes



YES - 15 December, # 581 (p.54) - Urgently requesting State Government to give matching funding for Northern Rivers Rail Trail.

YES - 15 December, # b31 (p.64) - Appointed delegate to Northern Rivers Rail Trail Inc. Executive.

NO - 15 December, # 601 (p.65) - Staff report on placing an opening gate in levee wall of Wharf Street Park with park furniture and viewing platform.





NO - 2 February (Ordinary meeting), # 5 (p.3) - Changing Local Environment Plan (LEP) so no blanket permission of water bottling facilities in RU2 Rural Landscape. Report on current water bottling facilities.**

YES - 2 February, (Ordinary meeting) # 6 (p.4) - Request Office of Water to advise on all current licences, long-term sustainability of extraction allocations, reporting accuracy, monitoring, compliance, breaches.**


NO - 16 March, # 73 (p.25) - Defer granting licence to Pottsville & District Men’s Shed (PDMS) for Black Rocks sports field to consider other options (short-term: private landholder with a shed that council could lease, report from Geoff Provest in 2-3 weeks, council purchase of land 1 minute further from town, N.Pottsville Holiday Park, Barry Sheppard oval -  and medium term; council advocate for Lot 3 to become community land, council to purchase private land for community purposes and state govt purchase private land in Pottsville).**

NO - 16 March #74 (p.26) - Licence be granted on condition that PDMS make reasonable efforts to locate a permanent site and provide evidence annually. **

YES - 16 March, # 75 (p.27) -  Rescind motion to defer the licence of 17 November 2016 #528 + immediately grant a temporary licence to PDMS for 5 years + council to monitor koala corridor to ensure protection of koalas.**

NO - 16 March, # 123 (p.52) - Report on damage to road by heavy vehicles and lack of cost recovery thus subsidy by ratepayers (e.g. water mining trucks).**

This page documents when Cr Byrnes votes AGAINST progressive councillors and with the conservative councillors; against an environmental motion; or against a motion that would upset a lot of people in the community.

Links follow so you can download council minutes. Is this Labor councillor representing you? If not, contact him and let him know - or vote him out at the next election!

Red text indicates motions of significant impact.

** Means Cr Byrnes’ vote against the progressive councillors was critical in achieving a bad outcome.

Cr Reece Byrnes